Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself....

Or us, rather. We are Ara and Dominique, hailing from Long Island and Staten Island, New York (respectively), and rising seniors at Boston College ('09!) We started this blog because we have a lot of thoughts racing through our minds, and we figured that we were better off sharing them with the world as opposed to being selfish and keeping them to ourselves. We do, however, have to apologize beforehand because we are pretty random, but we can usually tie it all together. We also were inspired by our good friends Modi and Ricardo, and decided to create a blog specifically for the ladies. Almost all females like to talk about fashion, celebrities, and of course-men. This blog was created to discuss these three topics, and whatever additional issues we feel are worth talking about. I’m sure you’re wondering: if we’re so random, why is our blog called Urbane Thoughts? Well you're not blind, you should've noticed the definition of urbane at the top, so we don’t have to explain that part again. The name "Politics As Usual" comes from one of our favorite artists, Jay-Z. Now, although we are different and random, we’re just oozing with sophistication and charm. Believe us. Anyways, feel free to leave us comments on our blogs, or any other feedback you may have. Well, there's no need to carry this out-after all, it's only an introduction, so just relax, and be entertained.

Oh yea, before we forget, we are extremely opinionated people. Don't take our opinions as being mean or offensive, we're just trying to have a little fun. If at any point you do become extremely offended, well then...DON'T READ OUR BLOG. : )



DC to BC said...


i'm in the system as inspiration. that's what the FUCK i'm talking about.

i had no idea you all were readers. where's my comments at then? shit. and is that new logo / banner crucial? or what!?

Anonymous said...

this is all about it...ill make a link as my blog favorites and hype it up like crazy...yzr