Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Name Game

We all desire the best out of life, right? Right. So why, then, is it such an issue when people decide that they ONLY want to wear designer threads? It’s said that fashion is not a label-which I completely agree with, however, I don’t see anything wrong with indulging in a few “name brand” items. Okay, I’m lying, more than a few. I’m not saying be draped from head to toe in Valentino, but I personally believe that every individual should own something that is of expensive taste. You may see this as being materialistic, but I see it as treating yourself to something nice. Many of us are in school and/or working, and quite frankly, I think we work too hard not to treat ourselves to the best, even as young adults. Designer apparel and accessories were not created just for adults-we deserve to wear them too!

Like Kanye said, “I’m like the fly Malcom X, buy any jeans necessary.” He’s absolutely right…I personally think designer denim is a MUST. Call it superficial if you want to, but I like the fit, the look, and the quality of a more expensive jean rather than some 2 for $50 bargain that you found at Wet Seal (you know, the one’s with the big fat “W” on them). And P.S…if you’re 18 years of age or older, you shouldn’t be shopping at Wet Seal anyway! But hey, that’s just my opinion. If you can’t afford designer denim, that’s understandable. By no means should you go broke or have to lack in other more important areas because you’re running to Bloomingdale’s to buy the latest Rock & Republic. By the way, just because something cost $250, doesn’t mean YOU have to pay $250 for it-bargains are everywhere! Anyways, for those that have the money and still want to be cheap-o’s, suit yourself. You’ll be the one upset when you throw your $20 jeans in the dryer and they shrink AND fade.

Back to other matters, I think it’s important for people to wear what they like, and if what they like cost more than what you’re used to paying, then so what! The same thing goes for people who choose not to indulge in designer items. I buy it because I know I’m worth it…if you think you’re only worth Tello’s material (or Rainbow for the New Yorkers out there), then Tello’s is what you should have. Oh yea, House of Dereon, Rocawear, Babyphat and the Girbaud jeans (with the strap on the knee) do NOT count as designer labels! I’m done now, seriously.

Agree, Disagree? Let us know! If you wanna know the good spots to get your stuff from, send us a message on facebook. And no, we will not direct you to Canal Street or 28th and Broadway...lmao


Rennysmarts said...

ahahahahaha.... first of all lmao at the wet seal comment. second of all lmao at the hood name brands you shouted out. now, down to business. Fashion is of course NOT a label, however, you wouldn't catch me taking out the garbage without a designer purse. why? because I like purses and they're designer, usually meaning finer in quality. When I was younger, before I was into handbags, I remember I purchased some 20 dollar bag, and that thing was tarnished in no time. So as soon as I turned 16, I received my first designer bag and have never looked back. That being said, I do not buy designer bags to "keep up with the Jones.'" It is of my own personal taste and value. Hey, I deserve it! And as the posting says.. designer jeans last a very long time, they're something that you can have for a long while with the proper care. You know your Old Navy jeans from last year are done off, don't front. But more importantly, please do not use your rent money, to buy designer jeans. Yes, being cute is a must, but shop within your budget, no need to pretend for everyone else, just be comfortable in your own skin. And oh, i LOVE a bargain. so hit up some thrift shops, ebay, etc. There is NOTHING wrong with frugality, okay? And remember kids "Fashion comes and goes, but STYLE is forever." Translation( you can be in designer labels from head to toe an still look like a bum ok?)

Christina said...

yes i do believe that designer jeans are a staple in everyone's closet..however it doesnt hurt to get a few old navys, gaps, etc to mix in...

the key is to know where to get certain things...example..
i will not get a plain ole designer t-shirt for |however much| bucks, when i can get it for 5 bucks at forever 21...

i absolutely hate folks that rock |example| gucci from head to toe...are u a freakin advertisement for the damn designer...geez...when u do tht..u look absolutely ridiculous..

..neways thts it for now...keep posting these blogs...im hooked..LoL

Tony said...

I agree.... you should take care of yourself... make yourself look good... but just know that if you don't have it....You don't have it.... Don't force the issue