Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg

The Yung Berg comment. It's been popping up in conversation for a while but I didn't really want to write about it until I had everything I wanted to say together. I'm sure that everyone has already heard his shocking" disdain for dark skinned women. Now being a dark skinned woman myself, I could be extremely offended and easily go down the route of the "Oh hell no's", rolling my eyes, sucking my teeth, and all of that other mess. But I'm not a bird (shut up), so that's not what I plan on doing. Yung Berg not liking dark skinned women is not necessarily offensive to me. Why? Because Yung Berg is not attractive to me. He has a disgustingly uncanny resemblance to this guy who has been on my bra strap since God knows when. Even if he didn't remind me of this fiend, he kind of exemplifies everything I cannot stand in a Black man. I actually feel kind of bad for him. Besides a single that he came out with last summer, and a feature on a Ray-J hit, he doesn't really have much else going on for him. I'm assuming he threw what was left of his "career" away with this comment of his. But back to his actual comment, which was that he doesn't like dark butts. Before I get into that, I need a moment to laugh at the phrase "dark butts." Lmao ok I'm done. I do not have a problem with him not being attracted to dark skinned women. He's actually doing us a favor. But the main reason why it doesn't offend me is because it's HIS opinion. If he isn't attracted to women that are darker than him, which is what he said (I'll get to that in a bit), then that's all him. Who cares? Let him date whoever he wants to date. Although, beggars can't be choosers, they ARE allowed to have opinions of their own.

Now, Mr. Berg said that he didn't want to date anyone who was darker than him. Hmm. Apparently, the young fella hasn't looked in a mirror in a while because he's pretty darn light. Unless he's planning on going after a white or an albino, I don't know where he's going with this theory of his. That still doesn't bother me. I don't have a problem with Black men wanting to be with white women (this may have to be another blog entry). I myself am extremely attracted to a race of men different from mine and I wish somebody would get in an uproar about it. Mr. Berg has every right to be attracted to white women, Latino women, or whoever he prefers. The only problem I ever have with a Black man wanting to be with a white woman is when he puts a Black woman down and puts a white woman on a pedestal with reasons such as, "Black women have attitudes," or "They want too much." But like I said, this would probably have to be another entry, even though I'll probably never get to it because it is such a tiring topic. That is what Yung Berg did, though. He put down black women as a whole in favor of women of a lighter persuasion. And that was not cool. The irony of it all? His ex and baby's mom is a DARK SKINNED WOMAN. Good job, Berg.

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Tony said...

Honestly, I really don'tcare what Yung Berg thinks.... hHe is a bum... His songs are weak... He just needs a early retirement.... Immediately....